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Author Topic: Sims 4 Tray Importer says items are missing, but they appear in game  (Read 114 times)


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So I'm trying to delete some cc, so I was trying to delete household items like beds, clutter, kitchen stuff ect, cause I have over 3 gigs in that alone. Here's where it started getting funky.

The house my Sims live in was a furnished lot I downloaded from Tumblr, but I made my own additions to the lot. So I saved the lot and went in the tray importer to see what I needed to keep. It said all the stuff I needed was in the same folder I had the rest of the CC for that particular house in, so I took all my other house cc folders out and went to play.
When I went in game, all the rooms I created after downloading were empty, the CC gone. So I exited the game and put everything back, which made me CC appear again. So I saved the lot AGAIN, went back into the tray importer, and found my problem.
All the stuff that I added to the lot after I placed it shows up in the Tray importer as Mods-missing. But I *know* they aren't missing because they appear in game fine and usable. Here's a photo below. I've tried exiting the game, deleting cache, repairing ect. I even saved individual rooms, but it still shows everything I added to the lot after as missing, when it's really just in other folders.

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I have the same problem:/


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1. Is your cc merged?
2. Are all of your mods in your mods folder when you're doing your clean out and open the tray importer?
3. What folder is your cc located in?
4. Could those be overrides?
5. It's an issue many of us face tbh. You're not alone.


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