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« Last post by Simily99 on October 23, 2019, 05:46:02 pm »
Hello everyone. I have recently discovered that I have a problem with gramssims hairs. I cannot seem to change color swatches between outfits which is very annoying. So for example, I put a gramssimshair on my sim in her everyday outfit category using the black swatch. Then I use another one of their hairs in the formal outfit category but I choose the red swatch. When going back to my everyday outfit, the hair has also turned red. I can't seem to use multiple gramssims hairs in different swatches on the same sim. I have tried it with almost all the gramssims hairs I have in my game and there's always this problem. Does anyone else have this issue or maybe have an idea how to fix it? Pls I need yall help  :'(

Thank you xx
« Last post by MissCee on October 23, 2019, 09:27:28 am »
You've probably already solved your problem, but having a tester folder is a great tip.
My tester folder has rescued me so many times!  I have it broadly categorized into Cosmetics, Clothing, Shoes, Accessories, etc.
From there I always load a new game, replace that sim with one of my tester households. The game engine loads up a copy for me to work on, and
they're perfect:  bald, no clothing, makeup or other CC. I call them my crash test dummies ;)!

Using them as a blank slate I then work through the newly DL tester folder to find anything that doesn't work, or doesn't look as good as I'd hoped.
After draping my sim in the to be discarded items: hair, clothing, makeup, etc. I'm good to go.  I re-save the tester household to my library, but exit game without saving.
From the desktop I then pull up the Tray importer and easily whittle out crash tested items. 

For me, anytime I've accidentally added TS3 or TS2 CC, the game won't load at all; not a blip.  I use the old 50/50 method to find the problem.

Having a lot of CC will hang the screen as it tries to process.  I learned that Organizing and Merging is key to a cleaner running, faster game.
Good rule of thumb is to merge any CC file over 200-250mg. 

Just don't forget to save a backup of the CC "before"  its merged in case you want to change something later.

The Mod Conflict Detector is still on MTS.  It works,  but hasn't been updated since March of 2018.  All conflicts are not game breakers, but it does identify them.

With consistent methods, CC helpers like the Tray Importer, Conflict Detector, and TwistedMexi's Better Exceptions mod (free on his Patreon) fixing glitches becomes much easier. 

Hope this helps.

« Last post by msadler94 on October 23, 2019, 03:11:01 am »
I had this problem recently. And I found a mod that detects issues with the all cc I downloaded. When I find the link back I'll post it here. I had to deletes some boots I downloaded. The site said sims 4 cc but it was sims 3 cc. So, it stopped my game from completely loading... considering I play the sims 4. Thank god, because I was going to have a break down.
« Last post by Avasweet556 on October 17, 2019, 10:27:54 am »
its usually your cc go thru each and every folder you have in your cc folder. If its organized it will be easier. take one folder out restart the game if it aint that one take another one out continuing that processs until it gets unstuck whatever the last folder you took out had something corrupted. I reccomend makin a tester folder, so each time you download cc if your game **** up you can know what caused it. Hope this made sense xD
« Last post by thatbitchknowthat on October 17, 2019, 03:53:05 am »
I have this same problem.. for sims 4... have anyone responded to this thread yet on how to fix?
« Last post by LayaaaPimpin on September 26, 2019, 11:40:18 pm »
I've recently had a problem with the script call and I've took someone's suggestion and it ended up working, but now my game will not load in so I can play my sims. I've repaired my game, removed my mods and cc, and updated my game and it still won't let me load in. I am able to create new sims, but I can't play them because my game won't load. HELP ME PLEASE !
HELP ME! / Re: Broken mods or cc
« Last post by ceceRox on September 15, 2019, 08:34:52 pm »
the needs bar in the mod conflict detector? Everything you need should be in settings and make sure you follow the instructions of where to put the detector.
HELP ME! / Re: Broken mods or cc
« Last post by lishia89 on September 15, 2019, 02:20:20 pm »
why is the needs bar is blank help please??????
HELP ME! / New game shut down when trying to start-HELP
« Last post by Tishauna on September 14, 2019, 10:58:05 am »

As you all know a new patch came out and with a new patch comes mod updates. So, I bought the Realm and when I went to CAS after spending 2 HOURS on my sim, I go to start playng and my game abruptly shuts down. So, I tried it AGAIN, thinking it was just a glitch and that I could save it to the gallery just in case and then download from there if anything...NOPE the gallery just kept loading and loading and so I eventually had to shut down the game and try ONE LAST TIME and when I went to play it shut down AGAIN. Now, I know by now you're probably thinking I'm insane, doing the same thing over and over again hoping for a different result but...please HELP :'(
HELP ME! / Re: Broken mods or cc
« Last post by ceceRox on September 12, 2019, 11:17:37 pm »
There's one just for windows: http://modthesims.info/d/561550/mod-conflict-detector-update-03-03-2018.html . However, it hasn't been updated since March 2018 so use at your own risk!
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