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Author Topic: OTC CC Vault - 09/10/19 !!UPDATE: New Muslimah Base Game Dress Recolors + Start Of Part II of OTC CC  (Read 88319 times)


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omggg these are soooo pretty in game tyyyy!!!


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Thank you so much these are amazing! <3


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It's been awhile since I last logged onto TBS, but because of an influx of messages regarding the failed Whooping Mod in my e-mails, old YouTube channel, and old tumblr I feel the need to address this publicly. I'm stating this for the final time amid the controversy surrounding Sacrificial being approached to create something similar but opting not to citing trauma and abuse and not wanting to encourage either or harm anyone by triggering them with such content.

I retired from publicly CC creating / modding for TS4 in 2017 due to my own personal issues in life mainly involving my focusing on work and the latter being the physical,mental, and emotional stress it put me under.

One of the most hyped creations I started to make for realism in my Sims game was corporal punishment. At the time while enduring both praise and a heavy dose of understood backlash and condemnation, I considered not following through without any of it all.

In the end, my idea for the mod was left only as a handful of poses and animations that did nothing to interact with TS4 scripts that effected discipline and served only as surface-level storytelling mechanics.

It's made me reflect on why I created it in the first place. As I've mentioned before in the download's summary page, I was raised on corporal punishment having been spanked up until I hit about 12, where then I was punished with things like being grounded from leaving the house, getting online, seeing friends etc. I did resent the physical punishment I experienced. I did resent the people who enacted that physical punishment on me. When I became an adult, I still had those feelings of resentment. I saw it as a pointless means of disciplining me as it did not deter me from misbehaving or as many who do carry out physical punishment to their own kids in real life might argue, "make me stronger as a person" or supposedly more "well-rounded". I own up to those facts for myself and my own opinions regarding them in real life.
I would not nor will ever, if I have children, carry out the same physical disciplines I experienced.

However, my intent for its use in a game was not to be used or interpreted as inherently abusive within the TS4 community.

There are a number of mods, poses, and animations within the TS4 CC community that horrify us and give many of us pause. Acts that clearly depict things such as r*pe, p*dophilia, physical violence, murder, gangs, drugs, kidnapping, bestiality, suicide, and a plethora more. Many CC creators and modders have argued for the inclusion of such creations on the basis of adding realism and more storytelling elements for TS4 gameplay.

In this instance for my own now long abandoned Whooping Mod, I might have argued that as well, but as it stands my reasons for having made it are not something I have come to regret. More-so, I've become mindful of the impact I had had on others. Yes, I wanted that level of discipline in my game simply as a story element. But does that mean I should have shared that publicly? I'm still sorting through my feelings on that matter.

Speaking as a survivor of childhood s*xual abuse I can tell you that I was appalled to encounter animators and modders who would even conceive the thought to create such content and angry that they'd be surprised when there was backlash towards it.

In combination I also could not believe that there were/still are a great number of people who fought on the hill and died justifying why r*pe and s*xual abuse animations and poses were excusable in TS4 because after all, it's "just a game" and "these are pixels not real people". People tend to hold onto these mantras in the discussion of games and whether or not many agree, games can shape younger  and more pliable members of the community to become desensitized to even the most horrific depictions made as custom content.

So it boils down to the biggest questions we have to ask ourselves as creators and downloaders of content:

How responsible should CC creators and modders be for the content they put out in the TS4 community?

Is it simply a matter of "if you don't want it in your game then don't download it"?

Should CC creators and modders be held responsible for how those who download and use their content and share those uses publicly be held accountable?

I personally believe that we as CC creators and modders have both a responsibility to the TS4 community to take deep consideration into what we create and what we share. If it embodies characteristics that are harmful to a number of people and the experiences they've faced such as racism, homophobia, transphobia, s*xual assault, p*dophilia, r*pe, gang violence, addiction, domestic violence etc. We leave ourselves open to public jury when we create content that falls anywhere on these lines so we can not be shocked when people draw conclusions that if we create "XYZ content" we must think it's fine in real life.

I never would have thought or drawn equations to what I had as whooping mod anywhere close to those of abuse, but maybe I'm wrong. I've never thought the spankings or whoopings I experienced in real life as abuse. But that doesn't mean to someone else who may have experienced the same that it was not just that for them. I don't know. I can only speak for myself.

Ultimately at this point in time I've left it entirely, its poses, and animations to be continued by other CC creators and modders if it so interests them to finish it. I have not pulled it despite the onslaught of backlash in my e-mails and tumblr messages. But maybe I should. If I decide to pull it I hope you can all at least understand where I'm coming from on the matter.

I'm not angry for being held accountable.
Being held accountable is uncomfortable, unlearning notions that have been/are harmful to our community will always be uncomfortable. But that is the position I put myself in.
I own that as CC creator/modder as should we all who do so in a public forum.


Opulent Tea Cakes 

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I'm back as a more casual content creator!!! For now I'll place my focus back onto what I love most, making make-up, re-colors, and poses. Please keep in mind that any and all past CC of mine prior to this year will no longer be supported or updated. I have also abandoned The Whooping Mod stating my reasons here. As I released all of my old CC around the time of my hiatus within a vault folder, I will continue posting here and slowly build a part 2 to it. I'll keep you all updated as much as possible. This time around is more for fun and less pressure!

Trying to get back into the swing of making simple CC for the time being. Here are some recolors I made of one the new EA CAS items. Comes in 22 colors and can be found as additional swatches to the EA base game Muslim Dress. Enjoy simmies! <3

♥T.O.U. :

► You may recolor these and convert them for other ages if you like so long as you give credit to me for its original origins.
► You can not upload or provide my CC to MTS, TSR, or any other Sims Content Creation website as well as adfly links, dropbox, or onedrive.
► Know that if my CC is found through dropbox or onedrive I use none of them so please report it to me.
► If my CC is found on MTS or TSR but not under these names nbteacake (MTS) or opulentteacakes (TSR) please report it to the websites as well as myself via direct message.
► You can only share my CC through the links I provide either through my tumblr blog here or through The Black Simmer forum.
► If you would like the PNG or DDS file used for itís initial creation, Iíll be more than happy to provide it at your request via direct message.

Simsfileshare: http://www.simfileshare.net/download/1317823/ (NO- AD FLY)


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Is there anyway I can still install those poses? I really want them in my game :-[


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